The Best Places to Eat in Millport, Isle of Cumbrae

Best Places To Eat in Millport, Isle of Cumbrae


So you’ve found yourself in Millport on the Isle of Cumbrae, and hunger strikes? Well, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

In this blog, I’ll be telling you about all the best cafes, restaurants, and takeaways you can find on the island. So, whether it’s lunch, dinner, or a quick snack, we’ll make sure you don’t starve. I’ll also make sure to throw in our recommendations – so you know what’s good!

So… let’s get right into it! Here are the best places to eat in Millport, Isle of Cumbrae.

  • The Ritz Café

    Where: 26 Stuart St, KA28 0AJ

    What: Retro style, 1950s café with amazing ice cream.

    The Ritz Café – a much loved local institution. People who have visited Millport over the years all hold fond memories of this place and it’s an iconic part of the island. It is the perfect place to stop if you’re looking for a quick bite or some lunch.

    At the Ritz you can expect filled rolls, toasties, burgers and – best of all – their famous sweet selection. The café serves all sorts of ice creams, milkshakes, even some tasty puddings and cakes.

    Our recommendation: It’s got to be the Marshmallow ice. Vanilla ice cream, melted marshmallow and raspberry sauce. You get a thick layer of warm marshmallow which stays melted on the cold vanilla ice cream – too good!

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    Where: 17 Stuart Street, KA28 0AJ

    What: Amazing bakery with fresh, tasty homemade goods.

    At Brewbaker, you can expect fresh food that is made with love.

    Whether it’s bread, quiche, cookies, cakes, tarts, bagels or muffins – you’ll be sure to find some seriously delicious home baking. The best thing to do is just show up and check the blackboard to see what is fresh out of the oven!

    Out with the baking, they make their own chocolates/truffles and have amazing coffee. There’s also some great options if you’re stopping for lunch including their speciality salads.

    Our recommendation: The famous quiches. They’re undefeated. Wash it down with a Brewbaker Latté.

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    The Dancing Midge Café

    Where: 24 Glasgow Street, KA280

    What: Family-run business, providing freshly prepared food, homemade scones and brilliant Italian coffee.

    The Dancing Midge is a brilliant wee café and is perfect if you’re looking to have brunch in Millport. They serve full breakfasts, French toast, hot rolls, and bagels.

    If you’re visiting a bit later in the day, why not try one of their burgers or jumbo hotdogs? They’re top drawer.

    Our recommendation: It’s got to be the full breakfast. Two slices of bacon, egg, black pudding, haggis, lorne sausage, potato scone, double beans, toast and tea / coffee – the perfect way to fuel yourself for a day exploring the island!

    Top Tip: Looking for veggie? The Dancing Midge might be the spot for you. They serve ‘The Midge Vege Breakfast’ and they do an amazing spicy bean burger.

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    Round Island Cafe

    Round The Island CafeWhere: 51-52 Stuart Street KA28 0AG

    What: Fresh, modernised cafe which serving brilliant coffee, lunch and baked goods.

    The Round Island Cafe has a wonderful, warm welcome and many describe it as a wee Island gem. On the menu there’s a selection of toasties, baguettes, baked potatoes, salads and soups.

    They serve cracking homemade specials and all the baking is fresh too. You can even get an amazing Afternoon Tea! (the scones are home made and are to die for).

    Our recommendation: Their smoothies are the best. I’d recommend one of their Green smoothies – who knew blended broccoli could taste so good?

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    The High Tide Cafe, Fintry Bay

    Where: Fintry Bay, KA28 0HA

    What: Sunset cafe with stunning views out over the Clyde to Arran and Bute.

    You’ll find the Fintry Bay Cafe completely secluded on the West side of the Isle of Cumbrae and it’s an obligatory stop if you’re cycling around the island.

    On a warm summers day it’s the perfect spot for a break to enjoy an ice cream, milk shake or cold drink. They also have a great selection of fresh baking as well as soups, sandwhiches, salad & pasta boxes.

    All the food is fantastic however my favourite part is the amazing views across to Arran and Bute. Check it out:

    Our recommendation: Definitely their beef or bean (V) chilli nachos. Served with guacamole, salsa, sour cream and jalapeños. Oh yes.

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    The Garisson House Cafe

    Garrison House Cafe Outdoor

    Where: Glasgow St, KA28 0DJ

    What: Wonderful cafe in the grounds of the Garrison House.

    The Garrison House is a beautifully restored building and fantastic example of 19th Century gothic architecture. At the Garrison you’ll find a lovely enclosed garden, the ‘Museum of the Cumbraes’ and, of course, The Garisson House Cafe.

    The cafe serves a wide range of food, so there’s something for everyone. You can expect light bites, healthy options, breakfasts, lunches, hearty meals, smoothies and cafe classics – all at a reasonable price!

    Take a seat in the courtyard if there’s good weather, or you can take a seat indoors next to their “music wall of fame”.

    May be an image of food and indoor

    Our recommendation: Try one of the salad boxes! These change from time to time but are always TASTY.

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    The Burger Shack

    May be an image of one or more people and outdoors

    Where: Guildford street, KA28 0AE 

    What: The freshest and best burgers in town. fact. [Takeaway only].

    If you’re looking for a burger in Millport town, look no further. Get yourself down to see the boys at The Burger Shack for some seriously delicious burgers and fries.

    They use 100% aged Scottish beef from the local butcher and freshly bake their own Japenese Hokkaido style buns every time they open. Fresh, local and unbelievably tasty. What’s not to love?

    Our recommendation: The Crocodile Style Chicken Burger is the absolute business. Pair that with a side of cajun fries for a mouthwatering combo.

    May be an image of food and text that says "Southern Fried Chicken American Cheese Chipotle Mayo Buffalo Sauce Bacon Burger Shack. S BurgerShack 1 THE CROCODILE STYLE CHICKEN BURGER (WORLD FAMOUS)"

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    The Newton Bar

    Where: 1-2 Glasgow Street, KA28 0DJ.

    What: A family-friendly pub serving food by the sea. [Takeaway available].

    The Newton Bar is a fantastic bar / restaurant and certainly worth a visit when you come to the island. Visitors and locals always highly praise the food, and some say it’s the best place to eat in Millport.

    When it comes to the menu you can expect a great selection of meals including steak, burgers, curry and different chicken dishes. Proper tasty stuff.

    Our recommendation: Curry Club Wednesdays! Your choice of curry, rice, poppadoms, spiced onions and mixed pakora. All for £10. Quality.

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    Millport Pier Hotel

    Millport Pier Hotel, Cumbrae

    Where: Quayhead Street, KA28 0AP.

    What: A Harbour-side hotel and bar with beer garden and sea views.

    The Millport Pier Hotel is a welcoming bar and restaurant which can be found (you guessed it) next to the Millport pier. You can expect a wide selection of alcohol as well as locally sourced, freshly cooked food.

    Suitable for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and you’ll find classics like haggis, burgers and fish & chips.

    The Millport Pier Hotel also features in our Best Bars and Pubs in Millport, Isle of Cumbrae blog.

    Our recommendation: Haggis, Neeps n Tatties – och aye!

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    Frasers Bar

    Where: 7 Cardiff St, KA28 0AS.

    What: A snug bar with great pub grub.

    If you head to Fraser’s bar you’ll be greeted with lovely staff, a wide range of beers, great service and a nice local atmosphere.

    It’s also a great shout for food – whether it’s for lunch or dinner. We’d describe the food as ‘hearty scran’ so you can expect classics like soup, steak pie, scampi, burgers and fish & chips.

    Our recommendation: The steak pie! It’s class.

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    Deep-Sea Fish and Chips

    Where: 5 Quayhead, KA28 0AW

    What: Award-winning fish and chips [Takeaway only].

    You can find Deep-Sea Fish & Chips on the far end of the town, next to the Millport pier. There’s not much to say other than it’s a brilliant Chip Shop with all your classic options. Superb stuff.

    Our recommendation: The classic Fish & Chips, but get the fish breaded and load the chips with chip shop curry sauce. Oaft. Wash it down with a pint from the Millport Pier Hotel next door.

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    Top Tip: Leave nothing but footprints!

    Let’s keep Scotland’s landscapes litter free. It should go without saying, but if there’s not a bin nearby, do the right thing by taking it with you. Also, please use recycling points where available.

    Crocodile Chippy

    Where: 30 Glasgow St, KA28 0DL

    What: Golden deep-fried goodness [Takeaway only].

    You’ll find the Crocodile Chippy off the beach right next to Crocodile Rock (funnily enough) and it’s a place that certain to tingle your tastebuds. We love this place, and the menu boasts a lot more than a standard ‘chippy’.

    Of course you get your chip shop favourites, but they also serve unreal specials at the weekend which are a bit different. Expect fresh stone-baked pizza, burgers, lamb koftas, and crispy Korean BBQ cauliflower.

    They are open Wednesday – Sunday from 4:30pm. Specials are also “until sold out”, so don’t miss out!

    Our recommendation: The World Famous ‘Crocodile Style Chips’! Cajun chippy chips and crispy southern fried chicken topped with cheddar & Monterey Jack cheese, buffalo sauce, chipotle mayo and bacon bits. Jeezo… my mouth started watering as I typed that.

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    Crocodeli Millport

    Where: 33 Stuart Street, KA28 0AJ

    What: A lovely deli and bakery which is open all year round.

    Crocodeli is a smahing wee deli serving a variety of fresh baking including pastries, baguettes and a variety of breads.

    It’s a fantastic spot for grabbing a coffee, a quick bite or to pack up for a picnic. The produce is always fresh and tasty, and the service is friendly.

    Our recommendation: Anything involving the freshly baked bread – it’s the BEST! Try pairing it with one of their signature salads.

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    So… there you have it

    All of the best places to eat in Millport, Isle of Cumbrae. It might be a small town on a small island but one thing is for sure – you won’t struggle to find some proper good food.

    Try one of our recommendations and let us know how you get on!

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