The Best Walking Routes on the Isle of Cumbrae

The Best Walking Routes on the Isle of Cumbrae 🥾


At only 10-miles round and 127-meters high, exploring the Isle of Cumbrae on foot is the perfect opportunity to get those steps in. Did you know there were five main Cumbrae walking routes?

So, ditch the car on the mainland, stick on the FitBit,  and get those boots strapped up. Here are the best walking routes on the island, complete with pre-loaded Google Maps route buttons.

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The Outer Circuit 🥾

As it says on the tin – the whole way round. This main Cumbrae walking route will take you around 3 hours and 15 minutes on foot.

Cumbrae is essentially a big 10-mile loop, but it’s certainly no chore to venture the whole way round, with the wonderful coastal views to be taken in on all sides.

Millport, Isle of Cumbrae Walking Routes - The Outer Circuit

📍Click here to open the Outer Circuit route on your Google Maps app.

Clockwise or Anti-clockwise? That is the hotly debated question! Some say clockwise is the best. Some say anti-clockwise. I say, if you’re walking, do whatever you want – you’re going the full way round anyway.

Cycling round? Check out our Guide to Cycling in Millport, Isle of Cumbrae.

💡Top Tip Always walk on the right-hand side of the road so you can see oncoming traffic. The locals are well used to walkers & cyclists and are great at giving you enough space, but always err on the side of caution and step in, just in case!

Things to look out for along the way… 👀

Whilst en route around the island, there are a few things to keep your eyes peeled for!


1. The Cumbrae Rocks 🐊

The Isle of Cumbrae is home to a collection of quirky rock formations which are bound to catch your eye.

Indian Rock Lion Rock Crocodile Rock Millport


3. Fintry Bay Café 🍦

You’ll find the Fintry Bay Café completely secluded on the West side of the Island and it’s an obligatory stop if you’re walking The Outer Circuit.

They have amazing ice cream and lots of great food options including wraps, sandwiches, soup and fresh home baking. Grab a quick bite while enjoying the best part which is the amazing views across to Arran & Bute. Check it out:

Also, if you walk for a few minutes North of the Fintry Bay Café and you’ll find a lovely, sandy beach! Why not bring some food or grab a takeaway from the cafe and have a picnic? It’s the perfect spot on a nice day.

💡 Top Tip – Leave nothing but footprints!

Let’s keep Scotland’s landscapes litter-free. It should go without saying, but if there’s not a bin nearby, do the right thing by taking it with you. Also, please use recycling points where available.


4. Wildlife Watching 🐬

The island is a paradise for nature-lovers and wildlife watchers with over 125 species of birds, seal colonies, porpoises, and basking sharks.

Around Cumbrae’s coast it’s quite common to see grey seals and harbour porpoises. If you’re lucky, you may even be lucky to see Minke whales, basking sharks, and common dolphins – so keep an eye oot!


5. HMS Shearwater Memorial

This monument can be found on one of the most Northern points of the Island and was erected in memory of two young shipmen who were killed in a boating accident.

In 1844 two boys, Charles Cayley & William Jewell, were out sailing on the North end of Cumbrae when a strong north-easterly wind caught them and drove them under the waves. Another Government steamer witnessed this and unfortunately, despite extensive efforts, the boys were unable to be rescued.

As the story goes, the bodies were never found and all they were able to recover were the boys’ hats.

Shearwater Memorial

Public Toilets around the Isle of Cumbrae 🚻

Oh, this might come in handy… Here are all of the public toilet locations around the Isle of Cumbrae.

Isle of Cumbrae Toilet Locations Walking Route

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This blog post is part of our ‘Ultimate Guide’ to the island. Check it out by clicking the link below:

The Inner Circuit 🥾

A trek around Cumbrae’s inner circle. Be sure to stop off at the island’s highest point – The Glaidstone viewpoint – for 360-degree panoramic views around the Clyde.

Cumbrae Inner Circuit Walk

📍Click Here to open the Inner Circuit route on your Google Maps app.

The panoramic views from the top are absolutely breathtaking. You’ll look over to the Isles of Arran, Bute, Cumbrae’s little brother ‘Wee Cumbrae’, and of course, back over to Largs on the North Ayrshire coast. On a clear day, you’ll even see as far south as Ailsa Craig!

Gladstone Millport Isle of Cumbrae

If you’re up for a challenge, complete both the Inner and Outer circuits in one day!


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💡 Top Tip This route is perfect for dog walkers. Just be careful of what’s coming around the bend and pop your furry friend on the leash when passing the many farms’ lambs and cows.

The Farland Point Route 🥾

Easy on the legs with stunning sea views. This is one for the wildlife watchers!

Millport Farland Point Walking Route

📍 Click Here to open the Farland Point route on your Google Maps app.

Head right along Millport’s Victorian promenade, past Kames bay, and keep going a little further, you’ll see a gate. Head through it and that’s you on Farland Point. If you hit the Field Studies Council (FSC) you’ve gone a little too far.


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💡Top Tip Cumbrae is home to over 125 species of birds, seal colonies, porpoises and basking sharks. The Farland Point route is definitely one for the wildlife watchers! Look out for Oystercatchers in the skies, limpets and barnacles in the rock pools, grey seals, and our very own resident dolphin and porpoises in the ocean!

With all of this walking, you might have built up quite the appetite.

Check out:

The Targets Walk 🥾

Up close and personal views of Wee Cumbrae, The Isle of Arran, and The Isle of Bute.

The Targets Walk, Millport, Isle of Cumbrae

📍 Click Here to open The Targets route on your Google Maps app.

This is a nice easy one if you’re in need of a short burst of fresh sea air to perhaps cure a NostalGin hangover from the night before.


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Jack's Alt-Stays Eco Cabin The Hive Millport

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A short stroll from Millport town and seafront, the Cabin is the perfect hub for exploring the island, and has everything you need to keep entertained. Whether it’s board games or cosy Netflix nights, we’ve got you covered.

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The Fintry Bay Route 🥾

It’s pretty much illegal to do this route and not stop in for an ice cream at the Fintry Bay Café.

Fintry Bay Walking Route Cumbrae Millport

📍 Click Here to open the Fintry Bay route on your Google Maps app.

From the town, head up to the Millport Golf Club – quite possibly the most scenic course in the world – and join the woodland walking route from there. At the most elevated point you’ll see a spectacular view of Arran’s ‘Sleeping Warrior’.

Isle of Arran Sleeping Warrior

Follow the path down to the gate at the road and turn right towards the turning point at Fintry Bay. Grab your obligatory ice cream, and head back south towards Millport town via the pavement on the coastal road.


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Well, there were the 5 best walking routes you can take while visiting Cumbrae. Hopefully, this article will help you get the most out of your island experience!

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