Controlling My Jack’s Alt-Stays Cabin


So! Here’s everything you need to know about controlling your Jack’s Alt-Stays Cabin.

You’ll find everything in here, from heating controls to Google voice commands.


You’ll find the Wi-Fi password on the “Controlling My Cabin” section in the guidebook.

Incase you missed it, it’s written in the neon sign! Just keep everything lowercase and add ‘123’.

The Hive – “buzzing123”

The Woods – “getlost123”

The Reef – “divein123”

The Jungle – “rumble123”

The Birdbox – “tweet123”

If you happen to have any issues with the Wi-Fi connection, you can try re-setting the router on the top shelf of the utility cupboard. Press the grey button on the back of the router to turn off, wait 10-15 seconds, and turn back on.

If that doesn’t work, get in contact with us, and we’ll sort it out!


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Doors & Keys

You’ll have been given a set of keys for the cabin (how else would you have gotten in?). This comes with a lovely big keychain, to make it impossible to lose. If you’re a big dafty and manage the impossible, don’t stress. There’s a spare in the lock box at the front of the cabin (please only use these if you’ve lost your key). The individual code was sent to you via e-mail. 

If you manage to lose both sets of keys, you’ll be officially known as “the ultimate big dafty” and nobody wants that. If you achieve the utterly impossible, congratulations! Feel free to contact either Daniel or Adam on the emergency number (section at the back of the book), and you can tell us that you’re “the ultimate big dafty”. We’ll make sure don’t end up homeless for the night.

When inside in the cabin and during the night, please also leave your key in the door lock. This makes sure you don’t lose the key, and is essential for immediate exit of your cabin in case of a fire emergency.


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So, if you’re really keen, you might have unpacked your stuff already. In case you’ve missed anything, let me tell you all about unpacking and the storage.

Cases & Bags: There’s a nice spot under the bed especially for these in The Birdbox & The Hive. There’s also plenty cupboard space in all the cabins, including the utility cupboard next to the bathroom.

Jackets & Shoes: Just between the bed and the bathroom there’s a jacket hanging space, and you’ll find a wee tray for shoes next to the sliding entrance door. This keeps the rest of your space dry and clear.

Clothing: Check out the two storage cupboards next to the bed. This should have plenty space to put all your clothes and pretty much anything else you brought.

Charging Points: The cabin has USB and plug sockets. There’s a wee shelf next to your bed which should make charging phones overnight dead easy! You’ll find others next to the couch and in the kitchen.


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Setting up for a nice home cooked meal? You’ll find your ‘Farandaway’ Crockery set and Recycled Ocean Plastic table mats just next to the dining table.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, try ask Google for a recipe. Ask something like “Hey Google, what should I cook for dinner tonight?” or “Hey Google, can you give me a good curry recipe?”. Need some provisions? Check out the local shopping guide in the “Guide to the Isle of Cumbrae” section of your cabin guide book.

Food & Drink: You’ll find a mini-fridge and freezer in the kitchen which should have plenty space for all your food and drink. If you’re cooking something delicious or making cocktails, feel free to invite us over.

Fold Up Table: A pretty snazzy fold up table can be found in the kitchen area if you’re eating a meal or playing a game. It’s easy to use, but watch your fingers! Just pull it up and allow the table to lock in place. To put it back down, release the clasps on both brackets at the same time. You’ll find these on the underside of the table.

Stools & Chairs: If you’re in The Hive, you’ll find some stools tucked away in the cupboard next to the table, and 2x foldable chairs in the utility cupboard between the living space and the bathroom, in case you have some extra passengers. If you’re in any of the other cabins, you’ll find your foldable chairs all tucked in the cupboard next to the table.


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Folding Wall Bed

Here’s another flashy bit of foldable design – the folding wall bed. First step is lift the couch cushions, and pull the tag on the sofa to open the underneath storage. You’ll find your pillows in here, so simply switch them out for the couch cushions. Next step is to pull the handles on the Wallbed, allowing it to come down.

When you’re done, you can take the pillows off, slide the “OPEN” button on the bottom right of the bed frame, lift it up and put it back into position.

Note that the bed fits perfectly into the wall, so it won’t fit if you stuff all your pillows in there! All our comfy bedding is vegan friendly, and made using environmentally friendly materials, including fibres made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.


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Mood Lamps & Lights

All of our lights are LED and are really energy efficient, including the LED neon sign.

All the main living space lights can by controlled by voice. When addressing the Google Nest, you can call your lights by “The Spot Lights” and “The Mood Lights”. Try “Hey Google, turn The Mood Lights On/Off”, or “Hey Google, Turn On/Off all of the Lights”.

Please note that voice commands for lights will only work if they’re switched ON at the wall, but you’re still able to turn them off by voice. For example, you can say “Hey Google, turn off the spotlights”, whilst technically they’re still switched on at the wall. “Hey Google, turn on the spotlights” will bring them back on.

Failing that, there’s always the manual switches on the wall too (in case Google isn’t playing ball… or if you’re just a technophobe).

Here’s all your light switches labelled below:


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You’ll notice some white panels on the ceiling. These are your infrared heating panels. They’re super energy efficient and work a bit like the sun by heating the surrounding objects and surfaces in the cabin from above. You’ve also got an infrared mirror and towel rail in the bathroom – as if those bathroom mirror selfies weren’t going to be hot enough!

You’ve got a few options for controlling the heating:

You can use the thermostat to control your main space heating. Just stick to the “on/off”, “up”, and “down” buttons indicated in the diagram (Daniel will tear his hair out if you mess with his precious tech settings).

When on, the number the thermostat displays is the current room temperature. When you hit up or down, the number that displays is the temperature the thermostat will heat the room up to. This is the same for the bathroom’s heated towel rail. It’s thermostat can be found by tapping the bottom right corner.

You can use voice commands to control these! Just say “Hey Google, Turn the Heating Up/Down” or “Hey Google, Turn the Heating Off/On”.

You can also use the Google Nest screen, it’s easy to set temperatures and control the lights here. Just click the screen, go to ‘Home Control’, and choose the temperture on the heaters from there.

During the colder months, we leave have the thermostat on the heaters set to a cosy 21-degrees, although feel free to turn this up or down to your preference. 

If you leave it on high all day while you’re out we won’t be mad, just disappointed (and that’s much worse). Have you seen our 100% green leccy bills?!

Here’s also a couple of handy switches for the heated towel rail, and the shower!

Note: the shower switch might be hiding behind the robes next to the utility cupboard!


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Blackout for your comfort and powered by solar panels! Again, these are controlled by voice, so try asking Google to open or close the blinds. These can be controlled individually or all together, so Try “Hey Google, close the blinds”, or “Hey Google, open the blinds”

There’s also a manual controller on the wall next to the light switches. Use the circle buttons on the left of the controller to select a blind (or multiple blinds), then use the up and down arrows to open and close.

The controller shown on the above diagram can be found in the main living space, and allows you to control each of the blinds separately.

Note that the “thin strip window” button is for family cabins only – The Hive & The Birdbox. You only need to worry about the top two circle buttons in the couple cabins.

The controller shown on the below diagram is for when you’re leaving / entering the cabin, and simply controls all the blinds at once.


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Your kitchen is also fully equipped with everything you’ll need to start cooking up a storm, big Gordon Ramsay style. There’s an induction hob, microwave, and a combination oven / grill, which are pretty straightforward to use.

On the oven, you can set the temperature between 50 and 250 degrees Celsius. You’ll also find all the controls for the oven below.

To be honest… unless you’re planning to slow cook a pork shoulder, or de-frost some of your grandmas homemade lasagna, all you need to worry about is the fan oven and full grill setting, highlighted below.


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Oil Diffuser

The oil diffuser will be pre-set and smelling lovely for your arrival! If it runs out during your stay, here’s instructions on how to re-fill it:

Step 1: Remove the outer and inner lid.

Step 2: Using a measuring jug, pour water into the diffuser, ensuring not to go over the max fill line.

Step 3: Unscrew the fragrance oil and add no more than 5-7 drops into the water.

Step 4: Re-secure the inner and outer lid.

You can control the duration of the diffuser, and the light, using the buttons shown on the left of the diagram.

Step 5: Kick back, and relax. You deserve it.


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Bluetooth Speaker (Google Home)

Fancy playing your own tunes? You can use your Google home as a bluetooth speaker!

Simply go to the bluetooth settings on your smartphone, and look for “The ‘Your Cabin Name‘ Display”.

Get connected, and you can listen to all your favourite Spotify,  Apple Music, and YouTube songs to your hearts content.


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The power of voice commands! (Google Home)

As you’ll have found out by now, your cabin is fully smart-enabled, and everything is controlled through your Google Nest (the wee tablet looking thing-y you’ll find sitting in your cabin).

Control the blinds, lighting, heating and music, all without moving a muscle… ahh, bliss.

You’ll be able to control everything individually, but you can also try things like “Hey Google, Good Night”, so you can set the mood for your cabin in an instant.

So… without further ado, here’s a list of all the helpful voice commands which will allow you to get the most out of your stay. We’ve also thrown in some fun ones too!

Morning & Night Commands

Hey Google…

    • Good morning
    • Good night

Blinds Commands

Hey Google…

    • Open the blinds
    • Close the blinds

Lights Commands

Hey Google…

    • Turn on/off the spotlights
    • Turn the spotlights to (X)%
    • Turn on/off the Mood lights

Heating Commands

Hey Google…

    • Turn on the heaters
    • Turn off the heaters
    • Turn the heaters to (X) degrees

Music Commands

Hey Google…

    • Play [song] on Spotify
    • Turn the volume up/down
    • Turn the volume to (1-10)
    • Stop the music

Fun Commands

Hey Google…

    • Tell me a joke
    • Tell me a fun fact
    • Do the dishes
    • What’s the best pickup line?
    • What am I thinking?
    • Play a game
    • Trivia
    • Flip a coin
    • Roll a dice 
    • Spin the wheel 


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Spillages / Mess: In case of any accidents or spillages, (don’t worry, it happens) you’ll find a brush and pan between the bathroom and living space, and cleaning materials in the cupboard to the right hand side of the kitchen. 

Wate Management: You’ll find a 3-compartment bin in the kitchen which has labels for general waste and recycling. You’ll find a food waste caddy on top of the bin too. 

Please help us out and do your bit by using the different waste options responsibly 😊

If you run out of bin space during your stay, you’ll find the main general waste and recycling bins at the site entrance, and spare biodegradable bin bags in the kitchen cupboard.


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Help! My spotlights are flashing. – Not to worry… The smart bulbs have just disconnected from the Wifi. Turn them off at the wall switch, wait for a few moments, then turn them back on, and that should hopefully do the trick! Otherwise, leave them on and they’ll eventually reconnect themselves.

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If you need anything…

Something wrong? Or are you running low on something?

Give us a shout if you have any questions or need any extra consumables, towels, new linen, or repairs etc. – always happy to help!


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