Shops in Millport, Isle of Cumbrae

Shopping in Millport, Isle of Cumbrae 🛍️


Millport is known for its beautiful scenery, beaches, cycling, and… shopping?

Well… not necessarily.

Saying that, there’s some brilliant wee shops that are always worth a dropping into whilst you’re visiting the Isle of Cumbrae.

Spoiler alert: you won’t find any big supermarkets or shopping centres here!

Besides, it’s always best to spend local! Make sure to shop in the local businesses and you’ll leave with the good feeling that you’ve supported our island community.

Here’s a list of some of Millport’s best souvenir shops, gift shops, toy shops, convenience stores, essential shops, and places to buy food & drink…

Please note that during the winter months, some of the local business close or reduce opening hours. It’s always best to check online or phone ahead (you can always rely on the trusty pubs though!)

Food & Drink

A list of all the best shops for buying food and drink in Millport, Isle of Cumbrae…

Cumbrae Butchers 🥧

The Cumbrae Butcher

Address: 25 Guildford Street, KA28 0AB

Tel 📞 : 01475 531007

Newly taken over in 2022, the family-run Cumbrae Butchers offers a brilliant selection of fresh meats, including pies, steaks, kebab meat and chicken skewers. Perfect for a BBQ out in the sun or a home cooked meal.

They also serve delicious pies hot out the oven (perfect if you’re feeling too lazy to cook!).


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Brewbaker ☕

Brewbaker Cafe, Millport

Address: 17 Stuart Street, KA28 0AJ

Tel 📞 : 07449 345089

The islands very own chocolatier! 🍫

Brewbaker is a fantastic café known for its baking, great coffee, and artisan delights. The menu often changes, but you’ll find the owner Johanna serving up whatever is freshly made on the day.

Outwith the fantastic baking, Brewbaker also make their own chocolates and truffles.

To be honest, they often look too good to eat…

Brewbaker Cafe, Millport


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Crocodeli 🐊

Crocodeli Millport

Address: 33 Stuart St, KA28 0AJ

Tel 📞 : 01475 531314

Crocodeli is a smashing wee deli known for its takeaway lunches and fresh baking including pastries, baguettes and a variety of breads.

It’s also a bit of a hidden gem for food and drink shopping in Millport as you’ll find a nice variety of cheeses, nibbles, chutneys, craft beers and wines. Sounds like a recipe for a night-in to me!


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The Millport Sweet Shop 🍬

Millport Sweet Shop

Address: 7 Guildford Street, KA28 0AE

Tel 📞 : 01475 530955

Every kid (and adults) paradise – The Millport Sweet shop.

Certified to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings, here you’ll find sweeties, ice cream, homemade tablet and the iconic Millport Rock.


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Hephzi Bee Gift Shop 🍬

Hephzi Bee Gift Shop

Address: 14 Stuart St KA28 0AN

Tel 📞 : 07459 193754

Hephzi Bee Gift Shop is a lovely wee sweetie shop which you’ll find opposite the Millport Pier.

They sell Porelli’s ice cream, retro sweets, pick n mix, cold drinks, fresh coffee, and sweet gifts. You’ll be able to pick yourself up a souvenir here too! 


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By the way…

We’ve also written a blog about all the best cafes, restaurants, and takeaways you can find on the island 🍽

So, whether it’s lunch, dinner, or a quick snack, we’ll make sure you don’t starve.

Check out our Best Places to Eat in Millport, Isle of Cumbrae blog.

Souveniers & Shopping

Looking for souvenir shopping in Millport?

Here’s a list of the best souvenir shops and places for shopping the island…

Isle of Cumbrae Distillers 🍸

Isle of Cumbrae Distillers

Address: 11 Guildford St, KA28 0AE

Tel 📞 : 01475 530173

The wonderful Isle of Cumbrae Distillers!

Not only are they serving up delicious craft gin through their tour and tasting sessions, but they also have a delightful gift shop too.

Inside you’ll find coasters, tasting glasses, cocktail recipes, and (of course) a wide selection of bottled gin.

The perfect stop for gin lovers and those looking to buy a memento to remember their trip!


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Cumbrae Crafts 🧵

Cumbrae Crafts

Address: Garrison Courtyard, KA28 0DJ

Tel 📞 : 07961 020943

You’ll find Cumbrae Crafts tucked away in the grounds of the Garrison courtyard, just opposite the café.

It’s a lovely craft shop selling locally made soap, candles, cards, knitting and jewellery.

Pop in for a look around and pick-up a gift or souvenir!


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Mapes of Millport 🧸

 Mapes of Millport Toy Shop

Address: 4-5 Guildford Street, KA28 0AE

Tel 📞 : 01475 530444

Half bicycle hire, half toy shop. Yip! Mapes of Millport aren’t only known for their top-tier bicycle hire.

You’ll find all sorts of wonders in their shop including a huge selection of games, party supplies, fishing & outdoor equipment and beach toys.

Ideal for picking up equipment as you prepare for a day of fun exploring the island!


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Driftwood & Dahlia 🪵

Driftwood & Dahlia Millport

Address: 19 Cardiff Street, KA28 0AS

Tel 📞 : 07817 141410

Driftwood & Dahlia is a small family business creating handcrafted furniture and accessories out of reclaimed wood in their workshop.

Pick-up a new addition for your home or garden, or even drop by for a visit to their lovely little on-site garden centre.


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Cumbrae Yarns 🧶

Cumbrae yarns, Millport

Address: Stuart Street, KA28 0AN

A lovely wool shop on a beautiful wee island.

Cumbrae Yarns offers a colourful collection of wools, accessories, and instruction books for all of your crocheting and knitting needs.

The perfect spot if you’re looking to pick up a new hobby or brush off those old hooks or needles.


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All Seasons Gift Shop 🎁

All Seasons Gift Shop, Millport

Address: 35 Stuart Street, KA28 0AJ

Tel 📞 : 01475 530574

All Seasons is a treasure trove of all sorts of souvenirs, postcards and Millport themed gifts.

A great place if you’re looking to pick-up a gift or a keepsake to remember your trip to the island.


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Cumbrae Customz 👕

Cumbrae Customz

Address: 19 Guildford St, KA28 0AB

Tel 📞 : 07944 734108

Cumbrae Customz is a  customisation shop selling engraved and printed goods.

Expect all sorts of personalised gifts, from clothing, to pet accessories, to tote bags, and homeware.


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Essential Shops

A handy list of essential shops, convenience stores and a pharmacy in Millport, Isle of Cumbrae…

Pharmacy 🏥


Address: 30 Stuart St, KA28 0AJ

Tel 📞 : 01475 530248

You’ll find the local Cumbrae Pharmacy right in the heart of Millport town, for medical advice and medication.

So, whether it’s hay fever season or you’ve got a headache on the morning after being in the Tavern Bar, they’ve got you covered.

It’s open 9:00am – 5:30pm every day, apart from Sundays.


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Cumbrae Laundry & Eco-Shop ♻️

Cumbrae Laundry & EcoShop

Address: 37 Stuart Street, KA28 0AJ

Tel 📞 : 01475 531308


They LOVE laundry!

At the Cumbrae Laundry & Eco-Shop you can either use their coin-operated self-service machines, or they’ll happily offer you wash, dry, fold, and ironing services.

They’ll be selling eco cleaning products, bamboo products and items to help you reduce single-use plastics – nice one!

They also have ambitions to sell re-fill food products in the future (but not quite yet).


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Daltons DIY & Hardware Store 🛠️

Daltons Hardware & DIY, Millport

Address: 39 Stuart Street, KA28 0AG

Tel 📞 : 01475 530685

You’ll find Dalton’s DIY & Hardware selling all sorts of products for fix up projects, handy work, and repairs!


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Caldwell’s Newsagents 📰

Caldwell's Newsagents, Millport

Address: 3-6 Stuart Street, KA28 0AN

Tel 📞 : 01475 530344

Caldwell’s Newsagents has been a Millport newsagent since 1958. Selling wine, beers, spirits and confectionary.


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Premier Store 🛒

Premier Store, Millport

Address: 22-24 Guildford Street, KA28 0AB

Tel 📞 : 01475 530404

The Premier Store is an off-licence shop in Millport selling groceries, chilled drinks, frozen foods, filled rolls and fruit and veg.


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Webb’s Newsagents & Convenience Store 📰

Webb's Newsagent and Convenience Store, Millport

Address: 15 Glasgow St, KA28 0DJ

Tel 📞 : 01475 530324

Webb’s Newsagent and Convenience Store is a family-run newsagents selling groceries and confectionary.


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So, there you have it…

Shopping in Millport certainly isn’t the first thing that springs to mind when you’re thinking about going on a shopping spree, but for a wee town on a wee island, there’s plenty of local businesses to chose from.

Always remember to do your bit and shop local, whenever you can!

It helps small businesses and gives you the feel good factor that you’ve supported the community that you’re visiting – what’s not to love!?

Thanks, and hope you have a brilliant visit 😊

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