Your Dog-friendly Cabin Experience 🐶


Brought the doggo?

Great! We love dogs, and (unlike some other accommodation providers), we welcome them at Jacks with open arms.

If you see either Daniel or Adam floating around the site, we’d love to meet your dog, so give us a shout!

We kindly ask that you have a ‘responsible pet stay’, and by that we mean a few things. Please read our…

Doggy Do’s & Don’ts

    • Do keep your pet on a lead whilst on site.
    • Do keep your dog away from neighbouring cabins.
    • Don’t forget to pick-up dog mess and dispose of poo bags in the general waste at the bin store next to the car park.
    • Do keep your dog off the couch and beds.
    • Do try your best to keep your dogs clean and dry. You’ll find a hose outside for mucky pups and we’ve left you a dog towel too!
    • Do send us a photo of your dog during your visit on our Instagram! We may feature your dog as ‘Jack’s Dog of The Month’, and we always love to see happy doggos on their holidays

Dog Pack

To help you have a dog friendly stay, you’ll also find your very own ‘dog pack’ sitting out on the floor inside your cabin. 

This has a water bowl, dog blanket, poo bags and some tasty dog treats!

Dogs & Electric Oil Diffusers

Just like humans, pets can also be sensitive to fragrances, but thankfully this a rarity. 

There are some essential oils which are confirmed to be extremely toxic for dogs (e.g. peppermint, tea tree, and cinnamon), both for ingestion and skin exposure. We do not use in our cabins. 

If you have any concerns about the use of fragrance oils, or your dog has any health issues, we’d recommend speaking to a vet before use. Before the arrival of guests we will put the electric diffuser on for a short period of time, but you are free to switch it off / put it away at anytime. 

If using the electric oil diffuser please watch you pet carefully for signs of distress or discomfort. If you think your dog is sensitive, please turn off the oil diffuser immediately, ventilate the area well and seek your vet’s advice. 

Please also keep the oil bottle and diffuser out of the reach of pets (and children) at all times. Make sure to clean up any spills and wash hands after handling the fragrance oil and before handling your pet. 

Fragrance Oil Allergens

Click to find a list of all the safety and allergen information for the fragrance oil in each cabins. You’ll also find the names of each oil below:

The Hive – Honey & Vanilla (Honey Vanilla Premium Fragrance Oil)

The Woods – Scottish Woodlands (Nordic Wood Fine Fragrance Oil)

The Reef – Ocean Breeze (Ocean Breeze Premium Fragrance Oil)

The Jungle – Tropical Jungle (Monkey Farts Premium Fragrance Oil)

The Birdbox – Forest Berries (Berry Burst Premium Fragrance Oil)

Dog Friendly Guide to Millport

 Lastly, (and most importantly) you’ll want to know all the dog friendly places in Millport!

Luckily, we’ve put another blog post together, especially for you. Why not check out our Dog Friendly Guide to Millport, to find out about all the dog friendly walking routes, pubs, cafes and restaurants on the island.

We’ve also added in lots of local dog-related information in here, like your nearest pet shop and vets.

Thanks, and see you soon! – The Jacks


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